3603 Paesanos Parkway, Suite 300, San Antonio, TX 78231

What To Expect

There are enough stresses and unknowns when it comes to being a patient with medical concerns; knowing where you are going for your appointment, and what to expect when you get there shouldn’t be among them. Take a few minutes to read about what you’ll find on your first visit with us. You might find that you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

When you arrive and park outside 3603 Paesanos Parkway, you’ll enter the main lobby of the building, and go to the elevator on the far wall.

From there it’s a short ride up to the third floor, out, then around the corner to the right, where you’ll be greeted at the front desk by one of our friendly staff .

Once you have announced yourself, you’ll be asked to have a seat in one of the comfortable waiting areas in our large waiting room. If you prefer, you can sit by a large screen TV, or in a quieter corner, or even out on the sun deck, located through the doors off the main waiting area.

You may have some paperwork to fill out, and make sure you have these important documents with you on your first visit:

  • New Patient forms (download the forms required by your doctor)
  • Photo ID/Insurance Card
  • Physician referral forms if required by insurance
  • A list of current prescriptions or over-the-counter medications you are taking, including doses and frequency
  • Pertinent information about your medical and surgical history
  • Any MRI’s or CT scans
  • Any recent x-rays or appropriate records you may have

After a short sit (hopefully!) your name will be called, and you’ll be invited to come through a rear door, into the examination room hallway, where you’ll be shown to a private exam room.

A nurse or assistant may stay with you for a short visit, to ask some questions that the doctor may need answered before seeing you. You’ll have a chance to ask a few of your own questions, too.

You may have another brief wait in your exam room, until the doctor is free from other patient interviews, and can enter and begin your examination.

This is your chance to share your concerns, ask questions, and listen to the doctor describe some very important information for your benefit.

Be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for common questions, and download the first time patient forms.