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Whether you are a patient of ours yet or not, whether you have been newly diagnosed or have a loved one who has been, your questions deserve answers. NISA is dedicated to making sure that patients have the information available to begin learning, and the tools at hand to help persons living with a neurological disease like Multiple Sclerosis to not only manage the disease, but live a life full of enjoyment and fulfillment.

Neuro Knowledge: Tests is a section of our web site designed to help you learn about tests commonly used to diagnose certain neurological diseases, conditions and disorders.

We have designed the articles contained here to be easy to read and not too technical. As you learn more about a particular disease or treatment, you may want to find more detailed or clinical information. We have endeavored to link to other resources at the bottom of every article. The articles can be found in the list to the right.

Who can benefit from this section of the site:

  • Newly diagnosed patients
  • Parents, family, friends and spouses of newly diagnosed patients
  • Employers
  • Clergy
  • Physicians and other medical staff